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I received my Air Purifier and I personally want to THANK YOU....I will refer you to anyone in need of purifier repair. What other services do you offer. Thanks again.
Joyce Panacci

Got back my Air Machine you repaired for me. It's working beautifully.
Many Many Thanks,

I have received my unit back and it works fantastic. I can't believe what a pleasure it has been to use your services. Do you sell refurbished units as well? I will tell all my friends and family just how satisfied I am with your services as well as your communication with the customer throughout the process. Please feel free to use me as a referral any time. I am one very satisfied customer.
Tim Umphress

I am just writing to let you know how incredibly pleased I am with your service. I received my machine back in the time frame promised and it works like a new one. Thanks so much and I will be sure to refer you at every opportunity.
Kelley Terrell

Thank you- we have terrible allergies and this machine provides a great deal of relief!
Katie Libby

Received air purifier today. Hooked it up about an hour ago, already Smell the difference.
Thanks, KenWood

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service of my air purifier. I was thrilled to see you replaced the front cover! I must admit, being across the country I was getting a little impatient with the process, but it was definitely worth the wait.
Thanks again!
Joyce Reinhard

Just received my unit back. Thanks for doing a great repair job. Works like it is new again
Tom Morse

Dear Air Purifier Repair, I recieved my reconditioned XL 15 I ordered and it works GREAT! I love it and will have years of use from it I am sure. I will soon order the special cleaner for the ozone plates. I already have the extra plates for it. I am so pleased with you promptness and quality of work. With all the things in the air that can be harmful, its nice to know I have a purifier that REALLY works to clean up the air in the home or work place. Helps those with allergies and colds to be able to breathe better. Nice work guys. Keep it going. I look forward to getting the one I sent in for repairs back soon as your email stated. Best wishes.
Henry Gagne, Medford, Oregon.

My second purchase from you was just completed. I wanted to take a minute to Thank you. My experiences with your company have been fast, accurate and easy. I appreciate it!
Thank you so much. Dawn Marino

I just wanted to share with you how impressed I was with your service. Ordered one day and it was on my door step the next afternoon. There was no dire need, but nice anyway.
G. Graham
Thank You

You are one of the few that has been timely with their order will tell everyone about this service. I Recieved My purifier yesterday. I works like it did brand new.
Thank You
Glen Pratt

I am Thomas R. Beckius and I just received a air purifier that I had sent in for repair. The unit works great and I want to thank you for the service. It took a little longer than expected but it worked. That is alot these days. We are getting ready to go north for the summer and this unit is used in our motorhome. It is perfact for the job. I mounted it on the rear bedroom wall so that, with the doors open, it faces down the hall to the living & cockpit area. Like I said it has been perfact for the job. I let it run while the motohome is in winter storage and never had a problem with odors. I clean the unit every four weeks all year.
Thanks again.

I've been enjoying the Alpine air purifier (Model 880) you repaired for me in November of 2005. I'm writing to thank you for the professional job that you did. I'm also enjoying the rebuilt model that I purchased from you. You were right when you said that the technology had progressed since the original purchase of my Alpine. The new model I purchased from you seems to process an even greater quantity of air. Thank you for being skilled and honest business people. I found you on the internet and sometimes you don't know what you may find there. I would recommend you to anyone looking for competent, professional service or supplies and when the need arises, you'll be whom I contact for service or to obtain a new purifier. Thank you.
Jane Burnette
High Point, NC

;) Just wanted to let you know I received my order on Monday and would like to commend you on the great service you provided (and in a timely manner)!It's a good feeling when "things" go right.
Thank you very much.
P.S. Oh yea,the new ozone plates work great. Hope your clear of the fires!
Sincerely, Wendy -(in Tampa)

Thank GOD you guys exist. I have had this XL-15 for years, and finally the pico board with the generator transformer cooked. Your repair cost is reasonable to me and as soon as I hear something from you I will act upon either getting it to you, or ordering the parts from you whichever you prefer.
John F. Donaho

 Dear Sir,
This is going to be a lengthy email, but I hope you will take the time to read. I am a widow that called for help with my Living Air Purifier model 880. I Googled for help. I had a friend who is an electricain look at it an easily saw that the fuse was missing-probably because it had been blown. He asked me to ask if I could just get the missing fuse-not the whole cartridge/cover too.

Anyway, that is when Chris answered my call. I wanted to know if I could save by just getting the fuse vs the whole part since have very little money and hoping to save a few $$. I needed this to work badly! I have mold problems. Before my husband died, we bought a cinder block house that is essentially just a basement that a roof was put on since the original owner died before finishing it. It was/is classified as a earth contact house. We have a severe drought now here going on 2 yrs-like the old dustbowl starting again! Everybody is having problems with leaky basements when we now just get a little rain since dirt pulled away from foundations/shifting/etc. Mine is from 1950! Since I have no money to get somebody in to dig out and repair, I have had leaks causing mold/mildew in this basement of a house! About 10 yrs. ago, it was musty moving in and started buying good quality air cleaners since I already have allergies, etc.  

I started puling out all of our air cleaners from storage hoping it might help until I can hand dig out myself and repair affordably myself. I have had a heck of a time since my husband died calling SO many people to get my estate resolved, etc. I have had to deal with soooo many rude, inpatient customer service people at banks, credit card, car dealerships, insurance, tax, county, student loan, etc! When I was younger, to pay for college, I worked as a waitress and customer service jobs. It is the hardest most thankless jobs for the pay! SO, when I get a REAL person like Chris was to me with all my questions, it is such a relief I feel like crying at this point! Because, trust me I have done plenty of crying over some still unresolved issues because I can't get a person that acts like a good, patient human being to listen and help! I even called him back with like 3 questions about if it was a waste of my time to try to repair , etc. He was so NICE! (and loyal to your brand-said if was worth trying even when 10 yr. old model and informed me of 30 day return).  You just don't know how important that was to me to get  somebody on the other end of the phone that was so patient and went out of his way to help me at this point! Like I said, I have worked in customer service with crazy people that threatened to get me fired if I did not give them free, etc. even when I patiently explained it was not because they were Black/Chinese, etc. but because I did not own the company! Regardless, those nutballs always seemed to have the time to ask for a supervisor to try to get you fired no matter how much you kissed their ass and remained professional and calm! SO, I now take the time to make sure when I have received exceptional service! look at the record-I called this poor guy several times in an hr. with other questions/etc. (Like how much did my husband pay-is it worth paying for parts, told him the story of my house and mold and asked if it REALLY would help, credit card was denied since forgot that P.O. box credit card billing different than delivery to home, told me how long to set it by leak/mold source, told me my unit was still good at 10 yrs-worth the investment since 30 day guarantee, etc,) You get it, I was kinda a pain n the ass compared to just a standard order for a replacement part probably! I am not a relative, friend-feel free to verify any info. you want-BUT GIVE THIS GUY A RAISE OR PROMOTION! He is loyal to your brand and exeedingly patient with a pain in the ass widow!

Susanne Vaughn
Merriam, Ks


I like your approach to dealing with customers. Congratulations.
Carl Firley



Just rec'd it yesterday and it's working great!  Thank you very much for your help!!!
Elaine Thorn



Wow - that was fast! Thank you very much!
Gloria  Spaulding



Can't thank you enough for the phone help today. You guys rock!
Todd Wauldron



The package was received and the purifier is working fine and looks like
new. I appreciate the quality of service, the time commitment made and
kept, and the way the unit was packed with bubble wrap and packing peanuts
to prevent damage during return shipping. Well done.
Feel free to use my email as testimony.Thank you.



Fantastic! Well, you did a great job on my last Alpine Air which I sent to you a few months I'm really looking forward to seeing the Flair work again!
Thank you!
Laura Pegler



Good Morning,
I would like to tell you that its been a couple of days since I received my Breez Equeqest Air purifier. It has arrived safely. And I would just like to thank you for doing a great job. I feel like I have a new unit- it works like a champ. Now I realized how much I miss it and how I didn't think of repairing it earlier. I'm happy and I feel like it's well worth the money and time to send it over the west coast. Also it was wise not to spend hundreds of dollars on the new unit. I know I will probably have another couple years of good use out of this air purifier.
Thank you.
Erika from Palm Coast.



My air purifier was received May 29, 2012; and it is back in place running wonderfully!
Thank you very much for repairing my unit! 



I received my air purifier today and am so happy with the results. Just like new - which is great 'cause I can't afford a new one. Thanks so much for the great service!
Sydonna Hobbs


Just wondering what the latest update is on this repair? I sent my own air
purifier in for repair a few months ago. I want to tell you it is working
just like new.
Barb Ellenor



Thanks for the ultra fast shipping! Ill look you up next time.
Don Perke



Wow, Thanks. I ordered 2 ozone plates on a tue and had them by fri. I am up and running. I appreciate the fast service!
Cheryl Lipinski



Thankyou for your prompt service and clear instructions on how to replace the UV Bulb on my Ecoquest Freshaire. Sincerely.... George



I want to thank you on your fast response to a problem we had. You repaired a flair for my customer. Two days after he received it the unit quit. I called you on Thursday morning and told you what was wrong. You sent me another fan motor. I received it on Saturday repaired the unit and gave it to my customer. They were surprised how fast this happened. We are all very pleased with
Kit Carson



I received my purifier that you repaired and sent it back to me in good
condition.I'm happy with it and thank you so much.



Thank you for your prompt service. I just replaced the UV bulb and starter on my Ecoquest Fresh Air and used your handy "how to" instructions on your website to make sure I did not forget anything. Thanks again! BD




Received and very satisfied.



I just wanted you to know that I love my Lightning Air Plus. Our area has suffered severe flooding in the last week and lots of people have wet homes. A local radio station (WRIP) in Windham NY asked if anyone knew about air cleaners with an Ozone generator. I called in and got on air and explained how they work, the model I had etc. I gave out your web site on air and hope you will get some orders. You should advertise how well these units take care of mold, mildew and bad odors after flooding or similar events. Thanks for the great service and products. I will be sending more people to you in the next couple of months. Mark Los



We just received the new unit you sent us and it works perfectly... 
I would just like to thank you for your action in this matter - it is truly a pleasure to deal with a Company that stands behind it's products...! 
Phil Mazur



Just a note to let you know that our purifier is working wonderful.  We are glad we did not throw it away.  I will keep you in my directory for future use.  Thank you for a wonderful job.



Thank you.  Your company's work was superb.  I was told by my local distributor that it was not repairable and that I should purchase another unit.



I received the order, and the purifier is working like a champ! 
Thank you very much for the refrigerator magnet, I can find you quickly when I reorder supplies.


The air purifier I have had for 10 years had certainly helped with my ongoing allergies and asthma problems; however, about 6 weeks ago "she" gave up.  I had no idea who to contact and found you on the web.  When I called I was impressed by the "hope" you gave me to refurbish "her"!  As you can tell we have a very close relationship these last 10 years.  The cost of repair and the ease of sending it to you was reasonable.  It was repaired and returned in like new condition in the time frame quoted to me.  If I were rating your company I would give it a 12 out of possible 10!  Highly professional, actually able to talk to a live person who answers the phone!!!  If you need help, contact Air Purifier Repair.  You won't regret the call!  The also have an "online agent" you can converse with.



This is the best experience on line ordering I have ever had. FAntastic service-fast, great price, THANK YOU AND YOUR COMPANY