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After repairing over 50,000 air purifiers since 2004, as of 02/01/2014 we no longer repair air purifiers. The reason is simple. In the last few years the process of manufacturing air purifiers has dramatically improved, which caused prices of new air purifiers to drop significantly. It is no longer economical for the consumer to repair broken air purifier(s) and we can no longer advise our customers to repair their broken units. Now you can get a brand new, excellent quality unit with a lifetime warranty made by a reputable American company for as low as $229.99. With our reputation on the line, our professional advice to you is not to waste your money on costly repairs which only offer you a few months of warranty, but spend less then you would spend on repair and get a brand new unit. Below you will find a list of air purifiers that we endorse and sell to you at lowest cost possible. Buy with confidence and have a new unit at your door steps within days.

Lets do the math: Before we would normally charge $150-180 for a repair service which would include a repair by a properly educated skilled technician with the proper certifications, all needed new parts and return shipping. Customer would be required to ship his/her air purifier to our repair facility. Shipping cost of something as heavy as 18-20 lb is about 30 dollars plus the cost of the shipping box and packing material. If you need any new accessories such as ozone plates and filters add another $30-$50 to your total out of pocket cost. All this adds up costing you way over $200 to repair your old air purifier. We do not recommend that anymore. Not ever since you can get a brand new air purifier of excellent quality for only $229.99 with all new accessories and free shipping. On top economical reasons, there are other disadvantages of repairing instead of replacing. Short life warranty. Please note your air purifier has a electronics board inside, that includes about a 100 different electronic components. Your repair service would only include replacing the defective components and leaving other aged components untouched. Sooner then later other components will start giving out and cause your machine to malfunction again. Be careful who you trust with repairing your air purifier. Ozonators are actually very sophisticated machines with up to 5000 volts electricity. If not repaired or wired property it can cause a fire. Some technicians may not have a proper education and do not follow all proper procedures when repairing air purifiers.