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After repairing over 50,000 air purifiers since 2004, as of 02/01/2014 we no longer repair air purifiers. The reason is simple. In the last few years the process of manufacturing air purifiers has dramatically improved, which caused prices of new air purifiers to drop significantly. It is no longer economical for the consumer to repair broken air purifier(s) and we can no longer advise our customers to repair their broken units. Now you can get a brand new, excellent quality unit with a 5 year warranty made by a reputable American company for as low as $199.99. With our reputation on the line, our professional advice to you is not to waste your money on costly repairs which only offer you a few months of warranty, but spend just a little more and get a brand new unit. Below you will find a list of air purifiers that we endorse and sell to you at lowest cost possible. Buy with confidence and have a new unit at your door steps within days.