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Parts for model fresh air & fresh air 2

In this section you will find different parts and accessories for both the Fresh Air and the Fresh Air 2 models. The Fresh Air 2 is the new updated Fresh Air, some of its parts are different from the older version.
How to tell which Fresh Air model you have? On the back of the unit there is a sticker which indicates what model it is. If it says Fresh Air, it means you got the first generation Fresh Air unit. If it says Fresh Air 2, it means you got the newer version of Fresh Air.
How the Fresh Air 2 is different from the Fresh Air? The Fresh Air 2 has different UV light technology. Instead of using a UV bulb and a Target Plate, the Fresh Air 2 uses an RCI Cell, which contains a UV lamp inside. The Fresh Air 2 also uses a more advanced filtration system. It has a thick 4 in 1 filter while the older version fresh air has a basic charcoal filter. You can click on the Fresh Air or Fresh Air 2 to see parts specifically for your model.