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Cleaning your Ecoquest, Alpine or Living Air air purifier as often as your owner’s manual suggests is one of the most important things to do to have your air purifier working at its best.

Most Ecoquest, Alpine, Living Air purifiers produce ozone, so you can sanitize your place by setting ozone to maximum level. People and animals are not supposed to be in the room that’s being sanitized.

All Ecoqeust, Alpine Living Air purifiers comes with ceramic ozone plates now. Glass ozone plates are not being manufactured any longer. If your air purifier still has glass ozone plates, we recommend you change them for ceramic plates.

Set your Ecoqeust, Alpine Living Air purifier's settings on minimum for 24/7 operation. It is not a good idea to feel ozone smell all the time even if you like it.

It is recommended to place your Ecoqeust, Alpine Living Air purifier as high as possible off the floor to insure complete ozone purification.

If your Ecoquest, Alpine, Living Air purifier uses ozone plates, do not use chemicals or solvents to clean them. It’s best to clean them with hot water and ammonia. To remove sticky dust use CR-05 cleaning solution.

If there is an option to use a HEPA filter instead of Lint Screen, we recommend you do so. Your Ecoquest, Alpine, Living Air will not get dirty as fast and will work better.