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Soltek Air 5000G Commercial Ozonator

Soltek Air 5000G Commercial Ozonator

by Soltek Air
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The Soltek Air 5000G Commercial Ozonator is a heavy-duty O3 Sanitizer. It will remove strong odors from unoccupied spaces in a short period of time. The Soltek Air 5000G will oxidize odors and eliminate them. The Sotek 5000G generates ozone internally and disburses it into the desired area thereby ridding the area of odors at their source. This powerful unit is designed for unoccupied spaces. Professional Cleaning Has Never Been So Easy. The Portable Soltek Air 5000G can easily be moved from one problem area to another. The unit may be used for up to one hour of timed cleaning. It also has a HOLD position for longer term use.

It will control odors from sources such as:
• Cigarette Smoke • Mold & Mildew • Smoke Damage • Paint Fumes 
• Cooking Odors • Decaying Matter • Pet Odors • Carpet Odors 
• Water Damage • Cleaning Fumes • New Construction • Pesticides

The Soltek Air 5000G is designed for professionals in such applications as:
• Automobiles • Boats • Basements • Limousines • Food Markets 
• Food Services • Airplanes • Office Buildings • Carpet Cleaning
• Property management • Motel/Hotel/Resorts • Recreational Vehicles 
• Restrooms • Walk-In Coolers • Warehouses • Rental Cars 
• Janitorial Services • Fitness Facilities • Vans/Buses • Remodeling

• Size: 7.6 x 6.5 x 5 inches. 
• Weight: 9 lb 

• Ozone Output: 5000 mg/h
• Electrical: 110V 60Hz 60W

One year manufacture warranty