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Soltek Air 3500 Pro Air Purifier (Cherry)

Soltek Air 3500 Pro 6-Stage Air Purifier (Cherry)

by Soltek Air
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Product Description

Soltek Air 3500 Pro Air Purifier attacks any organic, chemical, or bacteria odors at the root of the problem, leaving the entire room or home smelling fresh and clean like right after a fresh Spring rain! This unit is especially effective in controlling mold and mildew that appears in the warmer months and helps eliminate the respiratory irritants that normally affects us during those worrisome allergy seasons.

Soltek Air 3500 Pro does not only purifies the air, it can also sanitize the entire room or home! Soltek Air 3500 Pro has a Negative Ionic Generator that cleans the air of all dust, pollen, and dander around the clock. And for those pesky and troublesome odors, it employs a built-in 03 Sanitizer to eliminate and destroy the odors at the source! Simply close off and vacate the area to be treated, turn the dial and let the Sanitizer do its work without the need for fragrances or carpet deodorizers!

1. Ozone Sanitizer (2 Ozone Plates)
2. Negative Ionization Technology
3. UV Light
4. Photocatalytic Filter
5. HEPA Filter
6. Pre-Filter

• Covers up to 3,500 sq. feet!
• Solid All Natural Hard Wood Cabinetry!
• Low maintenance - Easy cleaning!
• Very Quiet Operation!
• Heavy Duty Ceramic Plates!
• Ionizer In Front of Fan!
• No Installation Required!

• Tobacco Smoke
• Residual Odors in Carpeting and Upholstery
• Cooking Residue
• Pet Odors
• Allergens
• Chemical Gases and Paint Fumes
• Smog and Exhaust Fumes
• All Organic Odors
• Pollen
• Mold, Mildew
• Bacteria and Fungus

• Dimensions: 12.5" high, 8.25" wide, 9" deep
• Weight: 14 pounds
• Wattage: 0.13 amps @ 120 volts

For the lifetime of the original purchase Air Purifier Repair will replace all defective parts. Customer will not be charged for parts and will only be charged for labor at the rate of $35 an hour for up to 2 hours. Air Purifier Repair will also, perform full diagnostic, testing and minor cleaning of the unit before sending it back to the customer. Shipping charges will also be customer's responsobility, but will be charged at our discounted shipping rate. 

For up to the first 90 days from date of purchase Air Purifier Repair will pay for shipping both ways and replace or repair the product without charge to the customer, should the unit prove to have a manufacturing defect. Simply contact Air Purifier Repair for an authorization and we will send you a prepaid return shipping label.

This product cannot be shipped to California


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