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1. Power off and unplug the Air Purifier from the outlet.
2. Locate and remove the two screws from the back cover grill.

3. Remove the back cover grill and set aside.
4. Remove both the top right and top left bracket screws located on the purifier directly above the filter screen. This will release both filter bracket and the filter.

5. Leave the bracket on top of the filter screen and put it aside for now.
6. Remove the ozone plate.
7. To remove the RCI Target, grasp the frame and gently pull screen out of unit.

8. Disconnect the two lead wires attached to the purifier plate cage.
9. Loosen two screws holding the plate cage.

10. Slide the cage forward, lift and remove.
11. Rotate starter and lift to remove.

12. Rotate UV bulb 1/4 turn towards yourself, lift out from holders and remove from unit.

13. Insert new UV bulb into holder then rotate away from yourself to lock into place.

14. Replace a starter with a new one and turn to lock.

15. Replace cage by lowering and sliding back into place. Tighten two screws securely.
16. Connect the two wires attached to the purifier plate cage.

17. Replace the RCI Target by gently inserting into the large guides until the screen stops.

18. Insert the ozone plate between the guides until it stops.
19. Place the top of the lint screen holder on top of the lint screen.

20. Guide the bracket and filter down and in to the purifier making sure the frame of the filter catches and depresses on the metal tab of the air purifier.
21. Replace both the top right and top left bracket screws.

22. Replace the back cover grill and tighten the two back cover screws. Note: This will be a very snug fit.

23. Plug in Air Purifier and power it on. Press Reset Reminder button to reset the display.