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Gobi Heater

Gobi Heater

by Greentech Environmental
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Product Description

GreenTech Environmental puts science in the air with Gobi, the most advanced space heating system on the market is unlike traditional ceramic heaters by using a cutting-edge, lifetime guaranteed Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC) element that heats the air more efficiently, is self regulating and energy efficient. Traditional ceramic heaters can heat to thousands of degrees Fahrenheit, creating the potential for a fire hazard. Compare that to Gobi's PTC element, which heats to only a few hundred degrees Fahrenheit. PTC elements have fast heating response times, which levels out once a pre-defined temperature is reached, making it one of the safest space heaters available. No matter how much current is applied to the PTC element, it will never surpass its intended surface temperature. When used in a zone-heating strategy, Gobi can reduce your winter energy bills by up to 50%!

• Front Panel Push-Button Controls
• Electronic Thermostat
• Remote Control (Infrared)
• Caster Wheels
• Easy to Clean Rear Filter
• Modular Design
• Galvanized Steel Interior Structure
• ABS Copolymer Exterior
• PTC Triple Heating Element with Lifetime Guarantee
• More Energy Efficient than Other Space Heaters
• More Reliable
• Less Maintenance

• PTC Triple Heating Element Can’t Start Fires
• Tip-Over Safety Switch
• Automatic Overheat Safety Shut-Off

• Heater Size: 17”H x 13”W x 18”D
• Carton Size: 18.7”H x 16”W x 18.5”D
• Weight: 28.6 lbs
• 1,500 Watts
• Heat Output: 5,000 BTU
• Electrical Safety Certification: ETL (US/Canada)

One (1) year manufacture warranty